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Pride On High Heels

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About the song

Inspired by the wonderful art works of Jackie Baier we have composed and recorded our new song “Pride On High Heels”. This single is an homage for the transgender sex workers working on Berlin’s streets.

Über das Lied

Inspiriert von den Kunstarbeiten der wunderbaren Jackie Baier haben wir das Lied “Pride On High Heels” komponiert und aufgenommen. Diese Single ist eine Homage an die Sexarbeiterinnen auf Berlin’s Strassen.


In my mirror, my friend – my foe
There’re still traces of how I was born
I’ll make up, I’ll be your rose
With red petals and sweet thorns

Working nights on Froben Street
Begging all the men, to be their Queen
I’m all dressed up in aching feet
Pride on High Heels

Men come here to live their dreams
Feeding their lust on my appeal
Things aren’t always what they seem
What you see – is what I feel

Mom once said: “he is my pride
Such a wonderful good looking boy”
Dad said: ”look, at my son!
Born for me!” … so what went wrong?

Had no life but now I live
See, the pain was not in vain
Changed my life and found my place
Here, in the House of Shame

Walking under the Street lights
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
It’s raining cats and dogs tonight
But I’m dancing with pride in high heels

Underworld, Underdogs
All under drugs and kissing frogs
Froben Street
Froben Queens
Pride on High Heels