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Son of my father

Release Date: 15. October 2015
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About the song

How complex is the relationship to one’s parents! Some of us have a clear and sad history of abuse and hate, some others treasure memories of unconditioned love and happiness; but for the majority of us, the relationship is much more hybrid, as anger, sorrows, love, respect and gratitude mix into a complex affection of love and pain, of fairy tales and battlefields.

Über das Lied

Wie komplex sind doch unsere Beziehungen zu den eigenen Eltern! Einige von uns haben eine eindeutige, traurige Geschichte aus Hass und Missbrauch, andere halten einen Schatz von schönen Erinnerungen aus bedingungsloser Liebe und Glück in ihren Händen. Für die meisten von uns ist die Beziehung aber viel hybrider und komplexer, weil sich in diese Beziehung Wut, Sorge, Liebe, Respekt und Dankbarkeit vermischen in einen komplexen Mix von Liebe und Schmerz, von Märchen und Schlachten.


I am a son of my father
I am a son of my mom
Got a sister and a brother
Born as children of the sun

The sheets are all cold now
Fairytales gone
Dust over the pillows
Where dreams once were spun

Fought the battles for my father
Cared for the castle of my mom
Let my Peter Pan travel
Your prodigal son

In the heat of the struggles
Our hearts turned all cold
After the heat of the battles
Love’s left untold

I traveled the oceans
And all the seven seas
To keep my dreams in motion
For a blind heart to see

Had the time of my life
But no time left to run
Had the time of my life
With father and mom