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Three Canvasses For One Brush

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About the song

In the tradition of a classic triptychon this song is describing the three major relationships of mankind, FIRST the relationship between you and other people, depictured here in its most explicit form of love, then SECOND your relationship to nature and our planet, to be completed THIRD by the relationship of humans to the higher spirits, to God and to religion. The title of the song is using one of our favorite metaphors when composing and texting songs, i.e. to paint our feelings and thoughts like an artist on an empty canvass: here on three canvasses, with one brush, combined and aligned to a triptychon

Über das Lied

Dieser Song folgt der Tradion des klassischen Triptychons, indem er drei grundsätzliche Beziehungen der Menschen beschreibt: Erstens, die Beziehung zwischen ihm und seinen Mitmenschen, am deutlichsten in der Form der Liebe. Zweitens, die Beziehung zur Natur und zu unserem Planeten, und dann schliesslich die Beziehung der Menschen zu dem Höheren, Göttlichen; der Religion. Der Songtitel bedient sich hier einer für uns bedeutendsten Metaphern, um zu beschreiben, wie wir als Band uns neuem Liedmaterial widmen. Das heisst: Wir malen unsere Gefühle und Gedanken auf eine weisse Leinwand, hier im Song auf drei Leinwände, mit einem einzigen Pinsel. Das alles vereint sich letztendlich zu einem Triptychon.


Now vases are broken
What shall I say?
As last words are spoken
Why would you stay?

When vows were revoken
Vanished in the blue
Even if unspoken
I wish they had been true

Today there’s no horizon
The ships seem to fly
The skies marry oceans
Give birth to my joy

When dust melts to water
And waves swallow the shore
Rocks brake to sand
Piled up in to dunes

World’s organized religions
Pretend to own God
And for his holy mission
The heat runs through the mob

I wish there were no religions
Just creed in the one
The spirit that’s flowing
Through creation and beyond