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30th of September 2017 10:23 AM Link
Huge thanks to our community supporting and sharing our newest music video 'Tugboat on the River'. Over 15'000 visits in 2 months!

We will soon be shooting and producing a number of new music videos. Next release end of November/ beginning of December.

Stay tuned
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Al Terego
Dy Terego
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Bt Terego
1st of September 2017 01:38 PM Link
merci chers amis!!

Danke 1'000 Mal L'Artpigiste für die tolle review!
29th of August 2017 09:55 AM Link
Danke Katharina Balzer vom Radio Süd-Ostschweiz! Danke Sagibeiz, Murg!
Was für ein schöner Sommertag bei Euch!
20th of August 2017 03:07 PM Link
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18th of August 2017 01:44 PM Link
Wir freuen uns riesig!!!
12th of August 2017 11:03 AM Link
Happy Birthday lieber FX Terego!
(@Felix Mueller!)

Al Terego
Dy Terego
Bt Terego
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9th of August 2017 02:40 PM Link
Thank you Digital Wolves!
6th of August 2017 07:37 PM Link
Here it is!!!!!!
We are so proud and happy to (FINALY) release our new song / Musicvideo "Tug Boat On The River" by the wonderful and talented crew of Worklight Pictures New Orleans!

Even more, knowing that many more videos will follow with the NOLA crew!!!!

Al Terego
Dy Terego
Fx Terego
Bt Terego
2nd of August 2017 02:40 PM Link
29th of July 2017 10:09 AM Link
Today one year ago our song 'Tie Me Down' was published. The song is now on iur CD 'Half Broken' available on Spotify and

Thank you @Jackie Baier for this masterpiece. Looking so much forward working with you on our new film project for our song 'Into the Light'
17th of July 2017 10:15 AM Link
so proud of our new song / video!
video by the very talented Houssen Zaïr Firoza , Madagascar
CD Cover Foto by Ska Karin Schranz
music by Al Terego & the Hi-Q's

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7th of July 2017 06:55 PM Link
4th of July 2017 11:48 PM Link
Danke für die coolen 'pinken' Fotos 😜
Wir haben riesigen Spass gehabt! Ihr wart alle super!!
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4th of July 2017 12:20 AM Link
Happy Birthday to our Guitar Hero and best Guitar Doc, Dy Terego, a.k.a. Andy Margharitis!!!
Wir feiern heute abend mit Dir im ARK, Live @ Ark
Al Terego
Fx Terego
Bt Terego
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3rd of July 2017 03:41 PM Link
When 'new' technology is given to ol'men!!
Boys remain Boys 4ever!
Thx @Ivan Kartschmaroff for the Pix!
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