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11th of March 2018 01:29 PM Link
THANK YOU! Over 11‘000 views in less than a month!!!! Thank you for all your support!!!
Thanks to all on the set!
17th of February 2018 06:30 PM Link
wondeful! Thank you Schall Magazin!!!
What a great review!
17th of February 2018 05:25 PM Link
Danke, SCHALL Magazin!!! Danke für den genialen Artikel über unsere Musik, unser Album 'Half Broken' und unser Videoprojekt!
12th of February 2018 08:49 PM Link
12th of February 2018 05:12 PM Link
New Video out now!
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12th of February 2018 04:41 PM Link
11:15 auf der Hauptbühne des 26. Love Ride, 6. Mai 2018! Lookin'forward!
12th of February 2018 12:40 AM Link
Wir freuen uns RIESIG auf den Love Ride 2018!!
CU there for fun and for such a good cause!
Al Terego
Bt Terego
Dy Terego
Fx Terego
4th of February 2018 01:33 PM Link
4th of February 2018 01:32 PM Link
3rd of February 2018 06:47 PM Link
Herzlichen Dank Metal News!!!
Schön, hast Du Dir die Zeit genommen, in unser Album reinzuhören!!
Danke, Dani, für Deine Worte!!!

Deine Teregos
2nd of February 2018 03:25 PM Link
herzlichen Dank Euch allen! Über 20'000 visits auf Spotify für Love For Everyone!!!

Check out das Musicvideo zum Song 😜🎬🎸
12th of January 2018 10:48 PM Link
Thank you for your great support!
And see you this Saturday @Stube in Basel
1st of January 2018 06:58 PM Link
All the Terego's wish all of you a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to sharing with you our music, our songs, our videos also in 2018, when we plan to release our second Album/CD (by late summer).
Thank you so much for your support and love!!!!!
Al Terego
Bt Terego
Fx Terego
Dy Terego
2nd of December 2017 12:02 AM Link
finally released!! Our new musicvideo 'LOVE FOR EVERYONE - christmas version!!! Film by Miron Zownir (director), Nico Anfuso (production) and Philip Koepsell.


Many thanks!!!!! And happy pre-xmas time and Love For Everyone!!!!!!
1st of December 2017 02:53 PM Link
Heute im Zürich Oberländer!
Heute aben Al Terego & the Hi Q's und Miron Zownir im ARK Guitar& Music Shop: Video-Release Party mit Konzert! 20:00!
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