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About the song

This song was created in the realization that life is offering unique opportunities and encounters but that at the same time our relationship to a loved one may fade, leaving one weathered and stripped, like a flotsam washed ashore, while the other – strengthened and nourished by the old relationship – will fly, with its wings unfolding.

Über das Lied

Dieser Song entstand aus der Erkenntnis heraus, dass das Leben zwar viele einzigartige Gelegenheiten und Begegnungen bietet kann, dass aber gleichzeitig die Beziehung zu unseren geliebten Personen über die Zeit ausbleichen kann und uns wettergegerbt und abgeschleift zurücklässt, wie ein Strandgut, welches an die Ufer gewaschen wurde. Dies während unser geliebtes Gegenüber, gestärkt aus der Beziehung, wegfliegt – mit ausgefalteten Flügeln.


Took me some years
And some hard and bitter tears
Took me some wrong turns
That left many hearts to burn

What was once – A tree in glore
Now is flotsam – Washed to shore

I learned it the hard way
That in order to be close
Have to open my arms
And to let you go

What was once – A tree in glore
Now is flotsam – washed to shore

Stripped and weathered
From all its shine
to remain
That bare boned self of mine

Stripped and weathered
Washed ashore
Cast away
As your wings unfold

What’s left of me breaks the water
Washing my tears away
As the sun bleaches my remnants
I am bound here to stay

Troubles may come cheap, but are
Hurting’ when they leave
Love may seem to be easy
Until you’re washed ashore in grief

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