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Kick Up The Dust

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About the song

For this song we were inspired by a wonderful script for a motion picture called “Easy Does It” planned, shot and produced by a bunch of crazy and great friends in New Orleans, the same crowd we had made a number of music videos with. This has therefore become a tribute song to this marvelous indie road movie, which at the time of the release of this album will not yet have been released but will hopefully soon see light and fame. The theme of the song is very “Herald and Maude” / “Thelma and Louise” and should be a tribute anthem for freeing ourselves and to strive for our dreams, taking risks, even if all may lead us straight to and possibly over a cliff! All of this is still much better than destroying ourselves slowly in apathy and lethargy.

Über das Lied

Inspiriert wurde dieses Lied durch das wundervolle Drehbuch für den Spielfilm „Easy Does It“, welcher von guten Freunden in New Orleans (mit denen wir schon einige Videos gedreht haben) geplant, gedreht und produziert wurde. Dieser Song ist deshalb ein Tribute-Song für dieses Filmprojekt, dieses wirklich guten Indie-Road Movie. Der Film wird erst nach der Veröffentlichung unseres Albums, hoffentlich dann mit grossem Erfolg, im Licht der Kino’s erstrahlen. Film und Song erinnern thematisch sehr an den bekannten Film “Thelma and Louise“. Der Song soll zu einem Tributlied für den Wunsch werden, uns zu befreien und es zu wagen, unsere Träume umzusetzen. Auch wenn das bedeutet, das wir damit ein Risiko eingehen und eventuell ungebremst auf eine Klippe zu rasen! Was immer noch besser ist, als in Apathie und Lethargie zu versinken.


A small ring forms on the sand of a Californian beach
„Sea Turtle Susie“ cracks her shell
Her mama left her buried in the sand
You shouldn’t leave a good friend behind

Kick up the dust
West Coast – or bust
Kid, row down the dusty trail

Hold on to your lifeboat, out of this sinking ship
It will bring you safely back to shore
Why are you still holding his shotgun in your hand?
You know, you won’t need it anymore.

Kick up the dust
West Coast – or bust
Kid, row down the dusty trail

Riding hard in to tomorrow
Leaving behind all yesterdays
Running away from all your sorrows
Another life – a brand new day
Dreams are funny – hard to follow
You only chase’em when you wake

Life is nothing but a long dirty country road
Ending somewhere on a cliff
Here and there some hitchhikers with their carton board
Remind you of the life you live.

Easy does it – You gonna roll the dice
Easy does it – So, don’t think twice
Easy does it – You roll the dice
Easy does it – You might have to pay the price