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Love for Every One Xmas Version

Release Date: 24. October 2017
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About the song

All too often we are looking away from the sad sides of life, away from those people who were not lucky in life. But, everybody has a right to be treated with respect and love, as everyone is seeking the feeling of security and the comfort of home.

On a winter’s night, this emotional rock ballad, based on a very simple cord-change, was loosely phrased and playfully interpreted. The lyric line “Bring us all a Christmas tree” crystallized very quickly over the first tune voices, which seemed to dictate the mood and the theme. The common thread lay on the almost cinematic realization of a fate series of a family in this first phase, out of a sense of security in the marginalization of our society. In three pictures, the song leads the protagonists farther and farther away from their once sheltered home, the appeal to open our hearts to all, especially in the Christmas season, to give everyone a Christmas and therefore love, instead of running away mechanically our pre-Christmas routine. All too often we look away, away from the sad sides of life and away from those people who were not so well disposed to life. Yet, every human being deserves respect and love, each in his or her own way. Everyone yearns for security. And especially in the Christmas season, a time that stands for love: love for all. The song was released in a “season-neutral” version on our first album “Half Broken”.

Über das Lied

In einer Winternacht entstand diese emotionelle Rock-Ballade, basierend auf einem sehr einfachen Cord-Change, locker phrasiert und verspielt interpretiert. Über den ersten Melodiestimmen kristallisierte sich sehr schnell die Lyric-Line „Bring us all a Christmas tree“, womit die Stimmung und die Thematik vorgegeben schien. Der rote Faden lag auf der schon in dieser ersten Phase beinahe filmischen Umsetzung einer Schicksalsserie einer Familie, aus der Geborgenheit in die Ausgrenzung unserer Gesellschaft. In drei Bildern führt der Song die Protagonisten immer weiter weg von ihrem einst behüteten Zuhause, immer stärker wird der Appell, gerade in der Weihnachtszeit unser Herz auf alle zu öffnen, allen eine Weihnacht und damit Liebe zu geben, statt mechanisch unserem vorweihnachtlichen Alltag abzurennen.

Nur zu oft schauen wir weg, weg von den traurigen Seiten des Lebens und weg von jenen Menschen, denen das Leben nicht so gut gesinnt war. Doch, jedem Menschen gebührt Respekt und Liebe, jedem auf seine eigene Art. Denn jeder sehnt sich nach Geborgenheit. Und dies ganz besonders in der Weihnachtszeit, eine Zeit welche für die Liebe steht: Liebe für alle.

Der Song ist in einer „saison-neutralen“ Version schon auf unserem ersten Album „Half Broken“ erschienen.


Papa worked as engineer
Mama in a deli
Lost it all to cards and beer,
So she sold her body

But whenever things went wrong
Whenever we felt lost
– We decided to stay strong

Bring us all a Christmas tree
And love for everyone
And love for everyone

Soon the prison’s doors
Were slammed on us,
But the light of hope – – still shone

Waiting for a sign of God
Days turned into nights
We realized that he forgot
His image and his light

Bring us all a Christmas tree
And love for everyone
And love for everyone

The candle in front of me
Quietly burning down
Nothing left to keep me warm tonight

Tons of people walking by
Rushing to their home
Thousands without a smile
Together but alone

Bring us all a Christmas tree
And love for everyone
And love for everyone