Al Terego & the Hi-Q’s proudly presents their video about the Song “Hourglass”.

Music & Lyrics Al Terego & the Hi Q’s
Video by Firoza Zair Houssen, Madagascar
(c) 2017

Tempus fugit! Time flies! We have all become slave of time, time management, time keeping, time sharing. We run, not for the joy of life, but to be in time, to save time, to be in best-time. This is the music video for our song “Hourglass” made by our very talented filmproducer, Firoza Zair Houssen, from Madagascar. The video is made in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, capturing the mood in a very unique way. This video is part of our video project, by which we intend to include young film artists from all over the world.