Into the light

Al Terego & the Hi-Q’s proudly presents their video about the Song “Into the Light”.

Music by Al Terego & the Hi Q’s
Video by Jackie Baier / jackelynn ((c) 2019)

Das Video wurde von der Film- und Fotokünstlerin Jackie Baier (Berlin) gemacht, die auch schon unser Video „Pride on High Heels“ und „Tie Me Down“ gemacht hat.

We will release our new music video now on 20th February 2020.

It was a great experience to produce and shoot this video with Berlin‘s foto- and film-artist @Jackie Baier mostly at the Dreifältigkeitsfriedhof, a cemetery that hosts a great number of historic family graves that were severely damaged in the last violent hours of battles in Berlin in 1945. Today it is a symbol and memorial of the perishability of our own perishability. What a place to film our song on our own stepping into the light!

About the song

Most of us have seen and experienced loved ones to part, seen them struggle in their last breath and seen – hopefully – how peaceful their last earthy steps carried them into the Light. Some few have even experienced themselves near death situations and thus even some of us have “seen the Light”, but fortunately have found their way back to life. This song, sad as it may sound, is a hymn for the climax of life, the death and end of our earthly existence and the relieving last voyage into the light. So it is a hymn to life, to the now but also to the Light that is inevitably waiting and into which we all we head into, one day or one night, as our destiny will rule.